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    Service and support

    1, the product standard training: the sellers responsibility for party a's use of standard training on site 2 ~ 3 times.

    2, the hotline support: provide by telephone to provide customers with technical problem solving process.

    3, site maintenance: provide send technicians to the scene of the user in the process to solve the problem.

    4, functional improvement: adjust modify according to users of the software, and software version upgrades

    5, service commitments: the company received by phone, letter, fax, E-mail and other means on software service request is put forward, in the day to give response and provides the service, need door to door service according to the distance to ensure 2 ~ 72 hours arrived at the scene to solve the problem.

    6, regular visit: engineers, in conjunction with the user related personnel, on a regular basis (every six months) was carried out on the system from the system level of system testing, in order to nip in the bud; Each year and provide the latest software upgrade scheme, and is responsible for the installation.

    7. 1 year warranty contained in the system hardware, software system three years that cannot be resolved within one year free service upgrade, remote provide free door-to-door service.

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