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    Zhuofei human science and technology "(through IT technology) to the creation of a harmonious society" as the basic business philosophy, to become a "global IT companies" as the management goal, to provide high value characteristic of the organizational structure of software and services, to create a more harmonious society and make unremitting efforts for the future.

    Secondly, in promoting China's rapid social development, to achieve scientific, long-term, harmonious and sustainable development in the foreseeable future, through development to cultivate advanced technology, effectively exert the power of the organization, providing high value on the long term IT solutions, IT services, strive to create a harmonious society.

    At the same time, make full use of the model established in the Chinese market, to provide good software services around the world, in order to achieve the development of world economy and to strive to create harmony of the earth's environment.

    I think, in the end, zhuofei enterprise value will get promoted, customers, employees, shareholders satisfied, make a contribution to society, zhuofei business objectives will be achieved.

    Therefore, zhuofei to all as one, continue to face challenges together.

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